About Celtic Sea Salt® Brand

Celtic Sea Salt® products are 100% natural, which means they are unrefined, unwashed and additive-free: all of the benefits are therefore preserved. The main feature of Celtic Sea Salt® is its alkaline pH and its richness and balance in minerals: sodium chloride, magnesium, potassium calcium, iron, etc.
Celtic Sea Salt® is recommended for use in these Diets : Paleo Diet, Body Ecology Diet, Water Cures Diet, Westin A. Price Diet, Master Cleanse Diet.

The Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Promise

Our 40 years experience allows us to know the kind of quality you should expect from a high mineral sea salt.

The high standards of Celtic Sea Salt® brand promise includes:

  • We inspect at the harvesting site
  • We keep quality control in all steps of production from harvest to packaging
  • Fair business practices with our farmers
  • Lab analysis done by a 3rd party laboratory for each lot.
  • Alkaline pH
  • Recommended by nutritionist
  • Sustainably harvested / NOT mined
  • Unrefined, all natural sea salt
  • An excellent and elegant taste
  • Purity and authenticity guaranteed
  • Packaged in kosher and certified organic facility From our family to yours we wish you a lifetime of wellbeing.


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