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10 Tips to Fight the Sniffles this Year!

Sinusitis- When Sniffles Turn Ugly

It’s always a relief when the warm weather of spring coaxes green sprouts from dried grass. At last, we can go outdoors without piling on coats and scarves. We can go to the park, enjoy the sun,breathe in the fragrant air . . . uh-oh. It’s pollen season. Many of us will try not to breathe that fragrant air, instead we close our doors and windows, turn on air filters, and begin numerous methods to prevent the dreaded onset of springtime allergy season.

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Maintaining an Alkaline Terrain

An excess of acid waste in the human body is the root cause of all disease. An acid condition is a breeding ground for the chronic conditions of arthritis, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, recurrent colds and flu, eczema and psoriasis. An acidic condition can lead to excess weight gain,  cancer, nervous exhaustion, and depression.
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